The majority of Houstonians rely on their own vehicles to travel, so having a functional garage door is the best way to ensure easy access to your car every day. That’s why it can be incredibly discouraging when you deal with garage door emergencies. After all, Houston traffic is already bad enough; now, you might be running late on top of that.

Luckily, you are able to return to your regular day with help from emergency garage door repair services. However, you’re more interested in avoiding this same scenario from happening again in the future. Keep reading this blog to learn how to prevent future garage door emergencies in Houston.

How To Prevent Future Garage Door Emergencies In Houston

The best way to move past a resolved garage door problem is to learn how to prevent future garage door emergencies in Houston. Here are some helpful tips that will hopefully reduce the chances of dealing with one again:

1. Be Mindful Of Storage

Like some people, you might use your garage for multiple purposes, including as a storage space. If your garage doubles as a storage space, you want to be mindful of how you store items in it. The way things are stored can have an impact on your garage door, especially if large items are placed close to moving parts or the door itself.

prevent future garage door emergencies storage

2. Perform Regular Inspections

Another good way to prevent future garage door emergencies in Houston is to regularly inspect the door. Check the metal parts for signs of rust and debris buildup. If you notice anything misaligned or looking abnormal, make a note of it and reach out to a garage door repair service immediately before it gets worse.

3. Ensure The Opener Is In Good Condition

Dealing with a garage door opener that won’t work because of a sudden dead battery can be an especially unpleasant surprise. For this reason, you should purchase extra batteries for your opener so you can immediately change them on the spot instead of calling for additional assistance.

4. Test Safety Sensors

Checking that your safety sensors are working properly will also help prevent future garage door emergencies. You will do this by placing a solid object, like a block, in the line of sight of the safety sensors. Then, you will close the garage door and see if the door backs up or continues moving downward. If it keeps moving, then you need to clean or adjust your safety sensors and retest them. If they still aren’t working as they should, call a garage door technician to figure out what’s happening.

5. Clean And Lubricate Moving Parts

Cleaning and lubricating the moving parts of your garage door at least twice a year will help prevent future garage door emergencies in Houston. Reducing debris and friction will allow your garage door to continue its smooth operation, so make sure you have access to silicone spray or lithium grease.

6. Address Issues Promptly

Finally, the moment you see anything amiss with your garage door, call for help right away. Even the smallest issue can potentially turn into something worse, so you want to have a technician take care of it promptly. You will then save lots of time and money you would otherwise spend on emergency garage door repairs.

Call Overhead Garage Door Repair For Emergency And Non-Emergency Services!

Hopefully, these tips to prevent future garage door emergencies in Houston will go a long way in making your life easier. There’s nothing worse than dealing with the same problem twice, so these tips will help you avoid that exact situation. For both emergency and non-emergency garage door repair services, contact us today at Overhead Garage Door Repair.