It’s hard to believe that there was once a time when garage doors had to be opened by manual means. So much time was spent getting out of your vehicle, carefully opening the garage door, parking the car inside the garage, then slowly closing and locking the garage door by hand. Today, garage door openers have significantly expedited this process.

From automatic openers that require the press of a button to ones that can have settings customized with smart technology, garage door openers are only getting more sophisticated. However, even with these incredible advancements, you will still find yourself in need of garage door opener repair services. To learn more about Houston garage door opener repair services, keep reading this blog.

Houston Garage Door Opener Repair: A Guide

It’s important to recognize signs that you need Houston garage door opener repair services and which issues can be troubleshot yourself. It’s also worth knowing which garage door opener issues should be left in professional hands. Luckily, this guide will further explain these elements of Houston garage door opener repair services.

Signs Of A Malfunctioning Garage Door Opener

Ensuring your garage door opener is in optimal working condition is a vital part of any garage door maintenance checklist. In order to know if it’s in good shape, however, it’s essential to know the signs of a malfunctioning garage door opener. First, you want to see that all the means of controlling the opener are functional, from remotes to keypads. If one or more of these aren’t working, it means the connection needs to be reset.

If the door is only moving when using specific controls, it can also mean that there’s an issue with the safety sensors. You also shouldn’t overlook your garage door opener’s lights, as they should be turning on whenever this appliance is in use. A garage door that won’t open despite other parts moving and a lack of movement despite noise are also warning signs of a problematic garage door opener.

Houston Garage Door Opener Repair: Troubleshooting

Luckily, there are some troubleshooting tricks you can try first before calling a professional garage door technician. Start by changing the battery of your opener, remotes, and/or keypad. Clean and realign the safety sensors if battery changes don’t make a difference. Lubricating the rail and resyncing the connection of your garage door opener devices to the opener itself is also worth attempting.

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When To Seek Professional Garage Door Opener Repairs In Houston

If the troubleshooting attempts fail, you should consider hiring a garage door technician. A technician will be best equipped to adjust the chain tightness, fix or replace the circuit board and trolley, and even install a replacement opener. Professional garage door technicians are less likely to make errors when they repair your garage door opening system the first time around. If you aren’t 100% confident in your ability to address a problem with your garage door opener, call a garage door repair company to take care of it.

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We hope this guide has allowed you to fully understand what to expect from Houston garage door opener repair services and when to seek them. If you find yourself in need of assistance from a professional technician, you want to know which garage door repair service you should call first. That service just so happens to be Overhead Garage Door Repair. We have the best technicians on our team who will come to your aid any time of the day to ensure your garage door opening system is in excellent condition, so contact us today.